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Perhaps you would prefer your German branch to be represented by a German managing director. But especially at the beginning the permanent employment of a full-time managing director seems oversized.

From Germany you can expand and build more companies or branches easily within the European Union. Upon request, we can offer these opportuni- ties in cooperation with partners in all remaining 26 member states of the EU - organized under one roof with the help of Laue Consult.
In this case we can take care of researching the local market for suitable locations that can be managed cost-effectively by our part- time employees at the beginning.

What else can we do for


Does your company’s growth require permanent employees in the future ? We advertise your search and proceed with the initial selection process and interviews. Would you like to rent more office or retail premises? We start the process by placing ads and conduc- ting the initial rental negotiations with the owners.
Our solution: We will provide a virtual office address in our company building of Laue Consult, including postal service and local landline number. Telephone service can be handled by us or the phone number can be forwarded directly to your location. In addition, you always have access to representative offices and meeting rooms at SMC Münster, our subsidiary right next door.

Notary service

A branch or company founded in Germany requires compliance with certain legal actions and regulations.
Our solution: We will prepare the notarial process of your company formation in close consultation and take care of the necessary applications to the authorities.

Office service

To start your business in Germany you do not necessarily need office space, but you do of course need a legal company address and phone number.
Our solution: We will provide the CEO, who will be working on a fee basis at hourly rates. His fee contract can be terminated at short notice, as soon as the function requires a full- time active CEO.
Our solution: We provide a German bank, which performs the necessary account opening to proceed with your German branch or company.

Bank Account

The opening of a German bank account also makes sense for a German branch and in any case for your own German company.
Our solution: Our billing service takes into account the design specifications of your corporate identity and provides invoices according to German legislation. In addition, we monitor for you or with you cash flows in your account and supervise all payments.

Invoice Service

The German tax authorities follow strict requirements for the design of invoices, which may differ significantly from the requirements in the UK.
Our solution: We will provide experienced foreign trade staff for administration, acquisition, and customer care on a fee basis. You only pay for the actual incurred expenses.


When starting a branch or company in Germany, personnel costs are usually the largest part of the fixed costs. Although the volume of work is growing only slowly, workers must be hired on a full-time basis from the very beginning.
Our solution: With the start of your German company, we provide competent tax advice and bookkeeping, performed by tax consultants cooperating with Laue Consult.

Tax consultant

Tax laws represent a significant risk for the success of your German company. To prevent problems from showing up in the context of a tax audit, competent tax consultancy is essential from the first day.
For your as well as for our security we will provide you with complete communication protocols, BCC of all emails, and copies of all business correspondence.


The organisational leadership of your com- pany is being conducted as per your instruc- tions. Therefore close communication is indis- pensable.
Upon request, we provide a cost estimation for specific projects, binding for us and a firm basis for your calculation.


To give you the opportunity to control the costs of our services at any time, you will get monthly billing with exact hours protocols of the CEO, and all fee based employees working on behalf of your company.

Showroom /


You want to show your products to your German and European customers but save high cost of leasing a shop and staff presence initially. Or you are thinking about relocating parts of your warehouse into the European Union to save your customers trouble with importing your products.

The market of the

European Union

The European Union with currently 27 member states and 500 million inhabitants (still 440 million after the Brexit), of which more than 300 million are within the Euro zone, still represents a significant sales potential for your future.
Or do you have requirements that are not yet listed in our range of services? We are curious about new fields of activity. Challenge us!

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